Kristina Sperkova

International President

Diversity in all its forms. Diversity of people. Diversity of languages. Diversity of opinions. Diversity of experiences. Diversity of know-how and expertise. Diversity of fun activities. Diversity of possibilities. That’s what one week in the beginning of August 2018 will bring into your life.

I can already see it in front of me: people arriving from all the corners of the world. “Long time no seen” embraces. “Nice to finally meet you” hand-shakes. “What organization are you from and what do you guys do” curious questions. Long and short stories. Aha moments. Discussions. Learning. Growing together. “Hard to choose from among all the workshops” situations. Trying new food, new challenges, new ideas. Excitement about new proposals in the plenary. Discussing IOGT International’s future. Strategizing. Voting. Exhibition of all the great work done around the world. Exchange of contacts. Planning of cooperation. Late-night chats. Early morning walks. Dancing through the Swedish night. Discovering. Envisioning. Feeling we belong together. Going home energized. Going home filled with inspiration and enthusiasm and at the same time feeling a bit empty from missing all the people and those special times.

One week will pass very fast but I know already now that the memories from it will last forever. It will be a week when we together form the future of IOGT, our future. “Future made here”.

It will be a week when we together build a ladder to climb on and reach new heights. We will meet for another World Congress – the highest decision-making body of IOGT International. But the event and all about it will bring so much more than decisions: It brings together our past and future. It brings together people who carry this movement. Young and old. From near and far. It brings together entertainment and formality, lightheartedness and seriousness, happy dancing and thoughtful conversations. It brings together hard work and relaxation. It brings together the diversity of our movement that is possible to experience in its entirety only every 4th year.

I can’t wait to welcome you all at the 69th Session of IOGT International’s World Congress in Sigtuna, Sweden between 6th and 11th August 2018.

Please have a look around on this webpage, don’t forget to sign up for updates and make sure to register for this unique week – because we need you to shape our future together.

See you in August!