Workshops and seminars

The IOGT International World Congress is a unique opportunity for all participants to share their experiences and expertise, to listen and learn from inspiring leaders from around the world, and create new contacts and friendships.

The World Congress offers something for everybody. We are inviting you to take part in and contribute to a large and exciting program of seminars and workshops with a diverse range of topics covered.

The overarching topic for the workshops and seminars will be global issues. We will facilitate outstanding discussions that explore how to shape, influence and tackle global issues through innovative and effective grass-roots work and methods used in local communities.

In each workshop or seminar, you will meet leading experts in their fields covering a diverse set of topics. And the workshops and seminars will be interactive so that you will be able to share your experiences, engage in discussions and learns hands-on about innovative and best practice methods.

In short, we will offer intriguing conversations and discussions about cutting-edge topics. This World Congress, we address issues to be ready for the future and to be able to contribute to and drive future developments. Future made here.



The seminars and workshops are all included in the World Congress fee.