Future Made Here Conference

Making sense of today, to be able to shape tomorrow

The world we live in today is changing ever faster – seemingly there is a new trend every month; new technological advancements and possibilities every week; new scientific discoveries every day and a new online hype every the hour. As people and communities from around the world are ever closer connected, we also seem to be growing further apart. As the potential to achieve progress for social causes on local, national and global levels have improved, the threats to equality, justice and Human Rights for all have are also gained in power. It’s getting easier to promote and support positive values of democratic citizenship, healthy lifestyles and human solidarity; but at the same time these values are increasingly under attack. With the Future Made Here conference, we provide a unique platform to come together and explore topics that matter not only today but in years to come. With the Future Made Here conference, we aspire to look beyond and to look ahead.

Inspiring speakers and participant-driven discussions

Inspiring speakers will share state-of-the-art insights and expertise on trends and developments affecting our communities and societies today and tomorrow. They tell stories and share knowledge about how people’s values are shifting and what the reasons for that are. In participant-driven, inter-active sessions this knowledge will be discussed and developed. Together we dive into conversations about what shifting values means for us and our communities.

Looking beyond and ahead

Together we look beyond the day-to-day issues of our work. This conference offers the chance to see the bigger picture and explore positive and negative forces affecting our societies, communities and lives. Together we look ahead into the future to discuss what our role might be in years to come. The Future Made Here conference is the event to explore what our possibilities and solutions are to shape and contribute to a better future for all.


Part 1: How and why corporations use values?

  • Speaker: Olivier van Beemen - Story: Heineken in Africa
  • Interactive group work and discussion with Olivier
  • Speakers: Brenda Mkwesha and Tungamirai Tapiwa Zimonte: Commercial determinants of health and development - their tactics and impact on our lives and communities

Part 2: How can we use and work with value formation and value development?

  • Speaker: Åke Marcusson – Story: How values change and why that matters?
  • Interactive group work and discussion with Åke
  • Speakers:  Kristina Sperkova and Pubudu Sumanasekara: Sustainable development and IOGT’s work for positive values in the future

Moderator: Sara Heine




04 - 06.00 pm



The Future Made Here conference is done in cooperation with the Study Association of the Sobriety Movement, NBV.