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Check out our seminars during the IOGT World Congress 2018

Tuesday 7/8

09.00-10.00 am

Violence and alcohol


How common is violence and what has alcohol to do with it? Presentation of a report from international researchers, with comments from the participants.

Speaker: Per Leimar, Political Advisor alcohol, IOGT-NTO

Seminar host: Per-Åke Andersson.

01.00-02.00 pm

Alcohol and the Sustainable Development Goals


In 2015, the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that apply to all nations of the world. How does alcohol relate to the Sustainable Development Goals, and how can member organisations of IOGT International incorporate the goals in their day-to-day operations?

The seminar is two-pronged: First a presentation by Juliet Namukasa, Country Director of International Aid Service Uganda on how they have implemented the SDGs within their organisation, then a discussion lead by Lucas Nilsson, Director of the think-tank Nocturum, on how IOGT International member organisations can integrate the SDG framework.

03.00-04.00 pm

Cheers to an alcohol convention


After many years the Framework Convention of Tobacco Control (FCTC) was adopted and is now being implemented by governments benefitting public health. How about a convention on alcohol? Opportunities, obstacles, feasibility.

Speaker: Issah Ali, Ghana, executive director of Vision for Alternative Development (VALD) and the head of secretariat of the West African Alcohol Policy Alliance (WAAPA).

Seminar host: Per-Åke Andersson

Wednesday 8/8

09.00-11.30 am

Creative influencing


How can we use our creativity to advocate and inspire people to reflect and discuss our issues? In this workshop you will get a chance to try out some hands on methods how to spread messages in new ways.

Workshop leader: Sofia Hallbert, IOGT-NTO/IOGT Norway


09.30-10.30 am

How the ideas of humanism transformed to ideas of temperance


A talk about the first and second awakening in the US and how those ideas moved to Europe and the rest of the world. 

Speakers: Åke Marcusson, Secretary General NBV, Sweden

Seminar Host: Eva Önnesjö

10.30-11.30 am

Readings on Recovery


What can a person with recovery experience do beyond its own healing process? Tawny Lara has created a platform for New Yorkers to share their adversity stories through personal essays, poetry, stand-up comedy, dance, or song. The goal with Readings on Recovery is to build a bridge, showing that we are all recovering from something. Come and discuss with Tawny how to remove stigma and celebrate recovery in your community.

Speaker: Tawny Lara, founder of Readings on Recovery, New York

Seminar host: Andrea Lavesson

01.00-02.00 pm



The STAD method: Researchers, project leaders and key operators collaborate to prevent alcohol and drug problems in society. Mapping, implementation and evaluation of preventive actions at local, regional, national and international level. Presentation of STAD:s projects, focusing on alcohol and drug prevention at restaurants and youth health clinics.

Speaker: Pia Kvillemo, PhD; Unda Lönnqvist, Bachelor of Public Health Science, Centre for Psychiatry Research, Stockholm County Council /Karolinska Institutet

Seminar host: Kjell-Ove Oscarsson

02.00-03.00 pm

Heineken in Africa


Listen to the journalist Olivier van Beemen who has just published the book Heineken in Africa – A Multinational Unleashed. The book has got a lot of media attention, not least since it came out at the same time as the Global Fund started a cooperation with Heineken for health activities.

Speaker: Olivier van Beemen, journalist and author to Heineken in Africa – A Multinational Unleashed

Seminar host: Per-Åke Andersson

Thursday 9/8

09.00-10.00 am

Child participation


Child participation – spreading good examples of children changing the world from Sri Lanka and Sweden – and further examples from participants.

Speakers: Mona Örjes, Junis and Nidarshana Selladurai, ADIC Sri Lanka


10.00-11.00 am

Update on Narcotic Drugs


Public opinion, legislation and other factors regarding narcotic drugs change all the time. During this seminar we will get updated information on narcotic drugs in various parts of the world. Time for questions and a discussion will follow the introductions.

Speakers: Issah Ali, Ghana, Staffan Hübinette, Sweden and Sampath de Seram, ADIC Sri Lanka

Seminar host: Pierre Andersson

11.00-12.00 am

Using research in policy and prevention


Alcohol epidemiology and alcohol prevention in Sri Lanka – reflections on past work and challenges for the future.

Speakers: Håkan Leifman, director of CAN, the Swedish Council for Information on Alcohol and Drugs and Dr. Mahesh, Chairperson of ADIC, Alcohol and Drug Information Centre

Seminar host: Dag Endal

01.00-02.00 pm

Youth and the future


We will take an outlook on global trends on the lifestyle of being free from drugs. How does the youth of today view sobriety and democracy - and what part will IOGT play in the future?

Workshop leader: Lucas Nilsson, director of Nocturum


02.30-04.30 pm



How do we get others to understand the value of our work, to advocate for policies or fund our activities? Get practical tips on how to tell your story. During the workshop you will as well produce a short digital story. Please bring a smart phone for this exercise.

Workshop leaders: Sara Heine, IOGT-NTO and John Ferner, UNF




Meeting for old timers


A meeting point for people who have joined congresses and cultural conferences and others who want to understand why IOGT is an organization for the future.

Contribution: All participants

Facilitators: Solveig Spjuth and Kjell-Ove Oscarsson, IOGT-NTO Sweden

Friday 10/8

09.00-10.00 am

Acting out of the box(es) – Gender and alcohol


Gender roles and alcohol culture is deeply interlinked. Often, Big Alcohol exploits and reinforces this linkage in order to sell more alcohol, especially among young people. How can and should IOGT International work with topics of gender and equality?

Facilitator Vanja Kalaba, Executive Director of CZOR (Center for Youth Work), will lead a discussion on exploring the methods on working with young people on gender and alcohol.



10.30-11.30 am

Shrinking space for civil society


Civil society and the ability to exercise civic freedoms – the freedoms of association, expression, and peaceful assembly – have been under threat for many years. Is there a remedy?


Hanna Nelson, Sweden. Worked for CIVICUS: the global alliance for citizen participation. Board member of FIAN International. Currently Research Officer for the Swedish Government’s Delegation on the 2030 Agenda.

Yong Kim Eng, Cambodia, President of PDP-Center, an NGO that advocates for human rights, democracy and youth issues.

Naret Songkrawsook, Thailand. Regional Representative to Southeast Asia for the IOGT-NTO Movement’s international development aid programme.

Moderator: Per-Åke Andersson

02.00-04.00 pm

Workshop in Swedish folk dance.


Swedish folk dance. Location Wenngarn castle. A mini bus will take you from Sigtunastiftelsen to Wenngarn at 2:00pm.

Workshop leader: Ylva Sandin

All seminars and cultural programmes are done in cooperation with the Study Association of the Sobriety Movement, NBV.

All seminars and cultural programmes are done in cooperation with the Study Association of the Sobriety Movement, NBV.