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More information: www.heinekeninafrica.com Twitter: @oli4vb

Olivier van Beemen


Olivier van Beemen is an investigative journalist and the author of Heineken in Africa. A multinational unleashed (Hurst, expected late 2018). The book is the result of five years of thorough journalistic research, not only in the twelve African countries where the Dutch multinational has its own breweries and joint ventures, but also in the companys archives and academic literature. The author has spoken to almost 400 sources within and around Heineken. 

The revelations in the book have caused serious turmoil, both inside and outside the company. Questions were asked in both the European Parliament and the Dutch Assembly and a motion that calls for stricter regulation was voted by a majority of house members. Moreover, the Global Fund decided to suspend its partnership with Heineken. 

Earlier in his career, Van Beemen was correspondent in France for several Dutch and Belgian news media and he currently publishes in newspapers such as Le Monde and  NRC Handelsblad. His work has been nominated for several awards in the Netherlands.

You will have two opportunities to listen to Olivier: A seminar Heienken in Africa on Wednesday at 01.00 - 02.00 pm and at the Future Made Here conference on Wednesday at 04.00 - 06.00 pm.

Founder: SobrieTeaParty.com

Music Editor: NY Yoga and Life Magazine

Tawny Lara

Tawny Lara is a writer in New York City and founder of Readings on Recovery. When she's not working in the recovery world, she's also a music journalist and meditation instructor. She has been documenting her sobriety journey on her blog, SobrieTeaParty.com, since she quit drinking in December 2015.

As her blog and community grew, she interacted with people in recovery from myriad adversities. She learned that her issues with substance abuse paralleled the experiences of those with eating disorders, codepency, tech/gambling/sex addiction, etc... This realization inspired her to start the reading series, Readings on Recovery. This series gives New Yorkers the platform to share their adversity stories through personal essays, poetry, stand-up comedy, dance, or song. Her goal with Readings on Recovery is to build a bridge, showing that we are all recovering from something.

Tawny is a Texan living in New York City. She is the music editor for NY Yoga & Life Magazine and has a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Tarleton State University.

Do not miss Tawnys' seminar on Wednesday and get inspired by her awesome work.

Founder of: SoberSensation

Gideon Bellin

DJ Gideon is a constantly enthralling and likebale DJ with convincing talent and excellent DJ skills. He has year of experience in draw people to the Dance floor. In addition to that, he is not only a Globetrotter, but also Event Manager and that gives him one healthy portion of understanding for all-around successful event. As Event Manager, moderator and not least as DJ Gideon, he has managed alreadt many national and international parties or corporate events such as Morning Glory Ville or Sober Sensation.


Gideon is a founder or Sober Sensation. Sober Sensation believs in the power of natural highs. It might sound funky but let's hear it. The essence of a great event is its social energy, During Gideon's long experience in organizing raves for Berlin's underground scene, he realized that the freshest, most energetic and most socially active guests were always sober. And that is exactly the spirit that Sober Sensation sensation aims for at its events.

Experience Sober Sensation together with members of IOGT International on Wedneday evening. 

Jan Eliasson

Jan Eliasson is a Swedish diplomat who was Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations from July 2012 till December 2016.

He has started his diplomatic career in 1965, when he was employed at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He served as a Diplomatic Advisor to the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, he has been part of the UN mission mediating Iran-Iraq war; he was involved in  operations in Somalia, Sudan, Mozambique and the Balkans. He always carries a print of the UN charterin his pocket and is a Chair of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Jan Eliasson will attend our World Congress on Friday. Everyone is welcome to listen to his views and what he thinks IOGT International's role in society is nowadays.